Here's a little bit about the players in ''THE RUB". Get to know us. Bluesmen that are true to our roots and our music.   Adding it all up, we have over 250 years of professional experience. We bring an infectious enthusiasm to every song we perform.

The Rub Members:

Billy ''Bad Finger"  Hendrix

Billy Hendrix is known area wide as a great vocalist, singing professionally with many East Texas and DFW-area bands over the years such as Squeeze (with Lynn Groom), Crosstown, The All Fingers Band and Striker.  Most of his time, however,  was spent with the band Slippery When Wett until ... he was recruited to join the likes of The Rhythm Addicts, which now has evolved into THE RUB. Billy makes his home now in Heath, Texas, but prefers a little spot in Maui (don't we all!).  BTW, the progression of Billy's hairline through decades of bands, via photos, is a ''soon to be added feature'' to the website ... stay tuned!

John "Hollywood" Homesley
Harmonicas, Vocals, & Congas

Dallas native and current Heath, Texas, resident, John Homesley has been with the band since 2006.  Intrigued by the sounds of the harmonica as a kid, he started sneaking his daddy's harmonica out of  his dresser drawer.  And that's when he started to play the harp.  The youngest of seven kids in a musical household, John and his brothers & sisters sang 4-part harmonies A cappella at weddings and funerals.  So, playing by ear and hearing harmonies came with the territory.  He knocked around the area for a while playing in different bands before being recruited to play with the Rhythm Addicts. He  became the 4th (and last) in a long line of harp players for the band.  John found a 'comfortable' place with the Rhythm Addicts, now known as THE RUB.   Also a songwriter, John has written some of the bands original songs.

Dr. Bill "Bluetooth"  Hamilton
Guitar and Vocals

Pampa, Texas, born - Odessa raised.  Texas Tech grad & enamel driller, Dr. Bill Hamilton is the guitar great that THE RUB is lucky to have. Bill met former founder Mike Cazabon at a Rod Piazza & the  Mighty Flayers concert, and together they decided to start a jump blues band, which became The Rhythm Addicts ... now known as THE RUB.  Bill learned some of his chops along the side of DFW's own Mike Morgan and honed them with the Brief Case of Blues Band.  Bill has devoted his full time to playing the blues and traveling the world with his lovely wife. Bill has written some of the bands original songs as well.

Phillip "Sticks Up" Perser

Originally from Greenville, now  Garland Texas, our Drummer shares the same early ​Bio as our Keyboard Player, his brother John Perser.. Phillip comes to THE RUB  from the Nosmo Kings and is our newest member.  More Bio info to come.. 


John " Honey Badger " Perser

Coming from a musical family where his Dad directed choir and Mother played piano, John developed a love for music at an early age.  Born and raised in Greenville, TX, John toyed with the piano and was an accomplished trumpet player studying music at East Texas State University while performing in various music projects (sometimes instead of going to class).  There he fell in with a wild bunch of musicians known as the All Fingers Band, playing piano and Hammond Organ for a short stint before becoming a professional sound engineer at Cason Sound during the Dallas live music heyday working with local bands and national tours.   His love of audio led to electronics which led to computers where he spent over 20 years doing software and audio development for simulation and games.  Bitten again by the performance bug, he co-founded Age of Consent with former Bugs Henderson drummer Mike Stephenson and most recently played keyboards and guitar for the Sofa Kings.   Now living in Rockwall, John brings his versatility and creativity to THE RUB.


John " Boxcar " Powell

A west coast native, most of John's previous music career was in California.  He migrated to the DFW area some time back and has played around the area since.  John joined THE RUB following the loss of John  "JR" Robinson.  With big shoes to fill, John has come in with awesome musicality and versatility.  We're looking forward to the many great shows to come!